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Attention soldiers!

Even though 2020 has been a rather tough year with the pandemic blazing over the planet we as a unit have managed to get a lot of things done and overall had a good year.
This post is meant to highlight the progress made both on the private and public sector of the community throughout the year.

This year we managed to break a lot of records like 84 players participating in a campaign mission or the 200+ bugs/updates/fixes we applied to the servers.
We also had the most players playing on the public servers when the first lockdowns started happening around the world with 180 active players playing on the public servers thanks to the addition of EU3.
We’ve covered a lot of ground within the unit as well, we got the static squads (platoons) reworked, redesigned most of our shoulder patches, updated the training map, got better tools for mission makers but the most noticeable of them all was the Columbia map which is the first map ever created from the ground up by our members (Great work guys!).
We unified our development effort under the same hat for both private and public development under the newly established Development Department.

On the public side we have managed to do a lot of things as well.
The public event taskforce is back pushing out public missions on a regular basis, we had 2 good recruitment cycles that pushed us to the highest member count ever in the almost 7 years we have existed.
There were a lot of new skins created for patreons to use as well as a shitload of bugfixes and quality of life updates for the servers.
We rebalanced the reward system, got the filtered arsenals done, reworked base artillery, all 64+ HQ compositions were reworked just to name a few.

One thing appreciated by High Command this year has been the dedication of our community both on the private side but also the public side with discord giving people an easier way to voice problems and suggestions.
We can’t evolve or improve if it wasn’t for you members and the passion you put into the different projects that were created and completed over the years.
High Command for once had a year where instead of just trying to maintain standards we could actually focus on the future and let the command staff deal with the standards of the unit, which turned out to free a lot of resources for High Command to optimize servers, procedures and look into future projects.

Again, thanks to everyone who contributed to the community during the last year. It has been tough on a lot of people, but we managed to have a spot here where people could relax for a while, have fun and be distracted.

To round up the post we pulled some info from the servers and forum that covers 2020.

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