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We 77th JSOC will follow the rules of monetization from Bohemian interactive (BI).
If the community and/or BI Feel that we breach any of these Rules feel free to Inform us so that we can correct it.

We are applying for monetization to help covering the cost of our platforms through:
  • Sponsorship/advertisement billboards on servers.
  • Paid Custom Made Missions (Events) created by our own 77th JSOC mission makers
  • Whitelisted server for donators
  • Custom tags/channel on our Teamspeak 3 server
  • Additional forum access on our homepage
  • Custom modpack made by the 77th JSOC
All our monetized servers are running the Invade and Annex map made by Quiksilver and customised by Col. Knight from the 77th JSOC.
Permission to use the mission file was given by Quiksilver.

Any changes to our monetization will be posted to this thread.[/i]

Any questions regarding the monetization contact the 77th JSOC PR or bohemian interactive.

Link to BI approval list
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