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4 years ago

It was very difficult to keep this on the low for as long as we had to in order to get it ready but now it's finally time.
We're extremely excited to announce we're launching today our official 77th JSOC Merch Store.

Woop woop!!!

Now with that being said there is a few clarifications we would like to make.
For one to elaborate a bit on why we're launching a merch store and why now.
It has been almost 3 months since we launched our Patreon campaign and we continue to be completely shocked by the extraordinary amount of people willing to support us. That gave us the idea and the means to invest in some milsim 77th JSOC inspired designs for all bunch of cool merch which in a way would allow people from all over the world to be able to represent and be part of our great community.
We chose Teespring as platform for our merch store even though it does have a number of issues (primarily the somewhat higher base prices for the merch products) but even with those issues it's still the only stable option we could find for our v1 store.
Keep in mind the all-over print designs on Teespring are rather new feature (currently only manufactured and shipped from the US, which adds a bit to the price of the items) they offer and therefore we haven't had the chance to do more extensive testing, thats why your feedback will be very much appreciated.

So enjoy and above anything else please bear with us because this is something completely new to us and we're doing our best to make it as good as possible for the community!

Best regards,
77th JSOC's Public Relations Team
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