Community Report #3 | 2020.01

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Community Report #3 | 2020.01

Attention soldiers!

It's time for the first dev update for 2020. Woop woop! :)

We know things seemed somewhat slow around the recent holidays and celebrations but it was pretty much to be expected.
With that being said we're coming very strong off the gates in the new year, but first let's do a quick recap on whats going on.

We've welcomed [Amb.] McDodelijk to the development team and he's already pushing hard getting numerous bug fixes for everyone to enjoy on the public servers.
It's also time for another round of applause for [Pfc.] Ateir and [Spc.] Thefatgerbil on their work. The complete re-work and addition of few more custom uniform skins ([Pfc]. Ateir) and the new Mohawk skin along with a bunch of new vanilla vehicle skinks available now ([Spc.] Thefatgerbil).
You might have noticed some subtle changes to the way our forums look but it's not over yet, we have a lot more changes in mind that will be coming.
Our new website's development is going steady and we should have initial version released within the next few weeks.
On top of all that we've been doing some extensive testing with a new dedicated server so we might have some exciting news to share on that front in the not so distant future.

Just recently however we've reached another milestone that is beyond anything we've ever expected, we now have 101 of you supporting us on Patreon after just about 4 months or so since we started. It's hard to put in words how much that support means to us or express our gratitude to everyone who contributed and keep doing so. Whats absolutely clear though is that without that help it would be a lot more difficult for us to do what we do or continuously add and improve stuff. However that along with all of the effort and dedication of our members, ambassadors and players makes us believe this is the greatest community of people out there.

Anyone is welcome to say what they want but for us thats one hell of a start of the new year, so as per usual stay tuned for whatever else awesomeness is to follow!

See you on the battlefield,
77th JSOC's Development Team
Image Col. Knight
Commanding Officer (CO) | Image High Command | Image Head of Development
"Adapt & Overcome."


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