Community Report #6 | 2020.10

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Community Report #6 | 2020.10

Attention soldiers!

It's once more the time for our "monthly" (or every 5 months) development report. :D
We're now fully out of the slow summer period (no need to worry, the summer might be over but holidays are coming soon) and therefore things around the community are getting back to their normal pace.

To run down through some of the development recap, due to the summertime we've mostly focused on quality of life updates, bug fixes and the few experiments in terms of gameplay dynamics we've initiated recently.
Some of the bigger QOL updates include the new arsenal restriction system which allows the players to only see the gear that's available to them and it allows us to seamlessly update our restriction lists on the go. We've also added a number of changes to the HQ compositions in terms of position and layout which seems to be quite refreshing for the gameplay. Thanks to a lot of feedback on our forums we've managed to tweak a number of different factors around the different AI amounts and difficulty.
One of the experiments we've run lately is limiting the max number of available medic slots down to 8. Even though at first glance that seemed like a very heavy and harsh alteration, it has brought a lot of insight both externally with the community and internally with PR and our members about the way the medical gameplay mechanic functions currently on the public servers.
This kind of experiment is what separates us from other communities where there is fear of change and a general attempt to avoid anything that would bring discomfort for the players even though it's in the name of improving the gameplay experience. If you wish to have a more in-depth look into the changes since the last development report you can check the mission changelog >> HERE.

Unfortunately, as it happens often in life sometimes with the good comes the bad. We've had a significant increase in DDoS and in-game script attacks in the last few months.
When it comes to the DDoS attacks sadly our new provider has rather failed to deliver on their promise for adequate protection and as a result of that, we've decided to once more look for a new dedicated server provider that can deliver a better service in that regard. We've already begun testing a machine from a new provider so expect some updates on that front very soon. In the spirit of our usual innovation and forward-thinking we've decided to use that test to also experiment with a Linux hosted Arma 3 server. Fortunately, that can't come in a better moment since the 2.0 update for Arma 3 came out recently and it provides a 64bit version of the Linux executable. Based on the preliminary testing we've done so far we hope that the switch to Linux hosted servers will bring additional performance, stability and better automation for our servers.
In terms of the recent spike in in-game script attacks, the matter is quite a bit more complex. As most of us know by now after close to 7 years since Arma 3 (Arma 2 wasn't much of a different case either) came out, the game is simply very poorly secured as an online multiplayer platform and has a rather useless in-built anti-cheat system. That's a fact highly exploited not just on our servers but pretty much on all popular servers regardless of the game mode they run. We've always tried our best to use whatever means are available both externally and internally developed in order to combat those attacks, however, there is vastly more interest and resources invested in developing cheats/scripts rather than anti-cheat solutions. By the looks of it, we'll have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a more custom fitted to us solution in order to reduce or at least be able to deal with those situations faster. Our development team is already on the task and we expect to have an initial alpha version of our anti-cheat software within the next few weeks.

In somewhat of a closing statement, we realize there is a large gap between development reports so in the future we'll try to keep them a bit closer together so all developments within the community can be communicated on time. As always we extend our sincere and warmest thanks to all of our Patreons without which none of this would be possible.
Thank you very much!

We'll see you on the battlefield!
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The QoL updates were indeed refreshing including the medic update! Thank you for all the work you guys put in. This sort of transparency is greatly appreciated and as you mentioned, it would be nice if it was slightly more frequent. Keep it up!
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