Community Report #7 | 2021.10

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Community Report #7 | 2021.10

Attention soldiers!

It has been a pretty long time since the last community report we've posted even though we technically wanted to increase not decrease the frequency of posting, but as most of you know life does what it does and it often refuses to cooperate with our wishes.

So let's see where we left off last time and maybe we should consider calling this "Previously in the 77th JSOC...". * in deep movie sounding voice * :D

Even though not all aspects might be visible on the surface, we've been quite busy with all-around improvements in the community since the last time we made one of these reports. We're extremely happy to report that our switch to a new and improved dedicated server hosting provider has been fully completed a few months ago. All of our machines are now of the same type of high-tier dedicated servers running Linux and managed by our in-house developed management software. The main benefits of this switch have been visible for many months now in the form of pretty much reduced to zero issues with DDoS or massive scripting attacks. It is worth mentioning that on top of the better defenses, the performance of all servers hasn't just increased but also remains vastly more stable than before. A prime example of a problem solved by the new machines is the frequent lag spikes on EU2 which have been completely eliminated.

In the last 3-4 months or so we've gone through what we usually refer to as the summertime slowdown. Let’s just say that for as many years as this community has existed we've grown accustomed to these periods. This last one might have been felt a bit heavier due to all the circumstances with the pandemic, people coming out of lockdowns and restrictions being lifted or reduced. Everything mentioned obviously led to somewhat of a reduction in our development efforts as far as the public servers I&A mission file is concerned. However, we're now fully out of the slowdown so development will resume at an accelerated pace.

With all that being said we've come to a realization which even though it might seem straightforward at first it is not as easy to solve as it seems. The realization is that even though I&A might be a great mode it can be replayed only so many times.
With Arma 4 not being on the horizon, we are looking into the possibility of creating a new game mode, which is more in tune with the milsim tactical realism core of this community.
There are a lot of aspects in the tactical gameplay which has not been covered in-depth or even graced in what’s currently possible on our I&A servers. We know this sounds somewhat ambitious (as well as ambiguous with only this little information) but we’ll be coming out with more information and a proper development roadmap in the months to follow. In order to facilitate this development, there will be a few more developers added to our public development team. Stay tuned for more information on that front as well. What is also very important to us is to include you (our player base) to be part of this journey alongside us and develop something that everyone will be able to enjoy and experience the true meaning of tactical gameplay in a public environment.

In the meantime, we will try to create new and interesting gameplay with our Zeuses and public events. We are happy to say that we managed to get our events going on a regular basis thanks to PR in general and Xavi and Erson in particular. We also have more Zeuses for day-to-day zeusing than before the last report and it is good to see them creating their own little missions or enhancements for the enjoyment and challenge of the players.
We just finished our first small public event campaign with 3 missions that were connected through story and decisions made by the players on each mission. It was a very good experience, showed some limits and new possibilities and will help us prepare for the next one!

As an addition to the already great track record we've had with the public events we host on a consistent basis, we’ve decided to go even further and develop an entirely new type of event for all of you. The concept for the event is fully developed in-house and it’s rather fresh and exciting but also somewhat risky if it would play out well enough in practice. Luckily we’re not the ones to run away from risky choices so we’ll see how things pan out. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be releasing more information as things progress further.

In the meantime check out the teaser:

To more so build on the spirit of experimentation we’ve also recently added a server on a test basis for the game Hell Let Loose. We’re extremely happy with how many people from the community gave us their support and cheered us for testing something new. We know the server isn’t currently very highly populated but we’re continuously doing so-called “seed” runs in order to jump-start it until it builds enough popularity on its own to be self-sufficient as far as population goes.

In the private aspect of the community through the last few months, we finally were able to run another recruitment cycle which was successfully wrapped up just a few weeks ago with our customary recruitment ceremony. We would like to congratulate and welcome all of our new members! For those players that wonder when the next recruitment cycle will be, we don't have an exact date but we expect one will happen in the first months of 2022.

As part of our usual broadcast as always, we extend our sincere and warmest thanks to all of our patrons supporting us on Patreon without them none of this would be possible.
Thank you very much!

We'll see you on the battlefield!
77th JSOC
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