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7 months ago

So basically, me ( BunnyBros ) as a SL and my squad decided to take the truck side mission. In the beginning it was all good and then we started to take causalities and lost the two vics that spawn with the side but he kept driving the truck. HQ gave us 2 prowlers which were dropped nearby our pos and after that we continued journey. Short story, we lost the 2 prowlers aswell but the truck kept driving and so I decided to have a ghosthawk escort while the truck would continue journey and if it had problems we would land the ghosthawk to help it. It was going so well and we thought we would complete it ..... Oh little did we knew. ( Sorry for english btw )


Casualities :
Most of squad wiped 2 times
Prowler Armed
2 Prowlers unamed ( Retrieved later )
1 Ghosthawk

PS: This crushed our dreams and hopes.

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7 months ago


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7 months ago

Here you have another one. Yours is better but still :D Enjoy ...

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