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Streaming for charity:

Posted: 06 Nov 2015, 21:12
by noilliz
Attention Soldiers!

There will be a charity stream event on our public server EU1.
The streamer for the event will be Cyperdyne.
He will with permission from the 77th JSOC be streaming and collecting donations for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals on our server.
The stream will start tomorrow (07-11-2015) at: 14:00 GMT

Charity Streamer: Cyperdyne

More about the charity Extra Life

Direct link to the donation page

Please consider making a donation to the cause.
Kind regards,
77th JSOC

Streaming for charity:

Posted: 07 Nov 2015, 01:16
by Kyle
The timing is really unfortunate because I won't be around. Would have liked to at the very least kept the server under control.