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7 years ago

Two weeks ago we announced we would open a second Public Server.

And now after the waiting time, we gladly announce that the 2nd Public Server is up and running!

Use Remote or use

Or just search for the 77th in the server browser

For the lazy guys get on the website and on the top of the page you can go straight to the Public Servers or TeamSpeak

The two Public Server's are named
77th JSOC - EU 1 -
77th JSOC - EU 2 -

So, without further due, we are thankful to all of those that made this possible, thank you for all for the friendly words and suggestions, you guys make our work worth it!

We will keep our path as we have be doing, for the gameplay that you guys are looking for and we like to provide!

So once again thank you all!

And enjoy the new 77th JSOC Public Server!

Best Regards
77th JSOC High Command
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7 years ago

Nice fix on the uav's. They dont crash before the runway anymore.
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7 years ago

Nah man, we're already there :twisted:

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7 years ago

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