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MadNews 2nd Edition

Welcome everyone back to the newest edition of Madnews.
This edition will cover a lot of different things from our private missions, new training programs, boot camp, the new privates and much more.

Let's start with some of the new community videos the members of the 77th JSOC.

77th JSOC Trailer 2 (made by Rabbit) (
AAN World News - Arcadia Embassy (made by Moss) (
Operation Sandstorm part 1 (made by Kipland) (
Operation Sandstorm part 2 (made by Kipland) (
Behind the scenes of the 77th (made by Turtals) (

As a new initiative it is now possible to follow us on privates missions through live streams.
Every time they go online it will get posted on our social medias.
The current streamers in the unit are:
Noilliz -
Dillon -
Klos71 -
SteelSeraph -

Public Server updates, changes and statistics
Since December we have experienced a big increase on attack on our platform in form of people using scripts to access admin powers.
This created a chain reaction in our community with complaints about server stability.
The solution to counter these attacks was a paid software. So far it seems promising and have already reduced the attacks a great amount.
We have now got a thread where you can go to check out for information on our server. It also has a list of what mods are allowed on our server and when it is down for maintenance

Specialised training
We have recently introduced two new sections into the unit. The 77th Mechanized which will be under the command of Spc. Rabbit and the Aviation which will be under the command of 2nd Lt. Moss. Both sections will be supporting Delta squads on the assault in the Sahrani campaign. The aviation will have the duty of providing close air support and transport to the units and the mechanized will be on the ground supporting the attacks.

The 77th Jsoc on Sahrani
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi General of Gaddafi's Freedom & Independence Army has begun his "cleansing" of Southern Sahrani. All civilians who do not comply with his orders are to be executed immediately on site. Any civilians that are complying with his demands are being enlisted into his army, which his making his campaign easier every day.
General Gaddafi's Army has now spread entirely across Sahrani and is beginning to assault the NATO Embassy in Arcadia. The 77th JSOC is the only hope for the trapped diplomats who have already started to free south Sahrani from Gaddafi's regime. So far we did three campaign missions and you can read the intel here:
Operation: Zero Exigency (
Operation: Cut-throat (
Operation: Phantom Smash (

77th JSOC Championship
We have started up a new Series of the games in the 77th as all work and no play makes everyone dull and this is our championship series.This is a game event that takes part once every month and this month was a hunger games styled event. Last months winner was
Cpl. Justin who won the January games and the winner of the February games where 2nd Lt. Buckets and Pvt. Petter.

Due to our newest recruitment round we had to expand the rank ladder, this can be seen by our new high command (
Also the first recruitment round 2015 just got completed and the high command was happy for the amount of applicants we had on this cycle. The selection process was very hard for the officers but they are confident that this batch of privates will fit perfectly into the 77th JSOC family

So congratulations to the following soldiers for completing the recruitment process:
Private Fuzz
Private Harrol
Private Tikigod
Private Flexter
Private Andy
Private Gambit
Private Miniluv
Private Totac
Private Flexter
Private Slackpack
Private Richard

A full list of our whole unit can be found below-

Social Media
You can keep up to date on all of what's goes on in the 77th JSOC community on these comms:
Facebook: ... alism-Unit

This has to be done since there is nothing free in this world.
All platforms in the 77th JSOC are paid by donations.
Currently we have two public servers, one private server, teamspeak and forum.
Most of the donations comes from our own members but also community players.
If you like being a part of the community please consider making a small contribution.
Any donation makes a difference and 100% of the donations goes back into maintaining and expanding the 77th JSOC community.

Thanks for reading soldiers and look forward to seeing you in the 3rd edition.
Remembers any suggestions to making MadNews even better are welcome.

MadNews Editorial team
2nd Lt. Madtrap
Pfc. Lewis
“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

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