When EU1 and EU2 revert to the old file / 13.2km walk

All of our video footage, live streams and pictures
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Back on August 15th, 2018, The 77th JSOC servers crashed then came back online with the old mission file which broke with the ARMA Encore update. We talked to the one admin online at the moment and he did not have power to restart the servers with the new mission file, and we would have to wait a few hours for another admin to wake up from his beauty sleep. We tried organizing a PVP fight over Kavala but it didn't turn out well and everyone wanted to be on the same team, meaning it turned into a free-for-all at the base, Me and two others got a bright idea of walking to the old abandoned hotel / resort on the western side of the northeastern peninsula of Altis which was 13.2Km away from the base. I accidentally had to swim across the bay to Neochori because I did not have forethought of a GPS. We were at the hotel for about three minutes before the admin woke up and restarted the servers. It took about 2 hours and 15 minutes to walk to the resort because we were sharing one full set of gear including me carrying an MX SW. I only recently got enough motivation to finally edit the footage on my hard drive. Its a crappy edit because I only put an hour into it, but hey it looks nice and now I can feel somewhat accomplished.


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