when players are good this is what admins do

All of our video footage, live streams and pictures
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1 week ago

all taken from the EU1 server this morning uk time




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"Jaggy, the bridge is clear" *takes 2 steps* BOOM
Hyena 1-2 Fireteam lead
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1 week ago

One of those brotherhood moments <3.

Nice screenshots Jaggy
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1 week ago

Ahhh lovely, look at this beautiful mortar squad.
It took us some time to sort out what to wear, but it was absolutely worth it, when Jaggy found out :D Look at this handsome SL in the last picture, leading the team in the front :P
Luckily for us, Jaggy didnt see our squad almost completly wiped 2km outside from base, when we got ambushed by a Kamysh and Qilin (AT) and only me and another engineer survived. Since our dresscode said we should all carry a MK20, we were well prepared to fight back, especially with our non-existing AT and heavy AT, we had a high chance of survival. But as the great SL I am, I thought we should give UAV the chance to take down the Kamysh, so we could use the support asset that is available for using. So as calm as I was, totally not crying and begging for support on command, we got all the support we needed and only lost [Rct] Sloth in the battle. We managed to patch everyone up, thanks to my pro driving skills, and I sure didnt ran over a squad member on accident (Whatever Jaggy says about my driving skills is a lie).
The weird part is that Jaggy actually foreshadowed this situation 7min before the incident happened. He said "You will all be lying dead next to the destroyed Hmt wreckage", what actually almost happened. So if anybody of the high command sees this, pls check if Jaggy has Zeus or not.
(I know of the scripts, I know it wasn't Zeus)
Still great pictures, it was alot of fun :D

Part of the Mortar squad:
[Rct] Sloth, Motgul, Pancakes 4 days, Cheng, Cautious, Konstantinovich, Harrie, myself and partly Jaggy as spectator, cuz he couldnt bear to watch the squads getting raped in the AO.
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16 hours ago

this was an awesome day for us. lol
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