Gore_ToRn broke my game!

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8 months ago

Backstory: Gorn_ToRn was one of my medics in the Prowlers. We were all engaged by an APC in which we promptly engaged, however Gore did not survive. I attempted to unload him from the vehicle, and ultimately it failed after a few attempts. The passenger seat he was in was available, so I popped in and he popped out, except ARMA being ARMA decided to leave my body outside the vehicle, and the game appeared as if I was in the vehicle. I was told to suicide after breaking the "space-time continuum," so I did, but the only thing it did was cause me to spectate someone else!


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8 months ago

Thank Gore for giving us a good laugh. :D
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8 months ago

Congratulations, you managed to play in the 2nd person perspective.
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8 months ago

Surely we will have a technological edge over CSAT with this ability.
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