Intel Side Mission (Secure Officer)

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Played through this side mission on the Tanoa server while it was pretty low population. Most times when it comes up in the rotation, it fails but it's actually a pretty easy mission. The trick is to approach steathily in a weapons red status, locate the target officer and escape vehicles. Then locate and observe the armed vehicles protecting the target. They will be patrolling the mission area on a set route and will keep repeating the waypoints on that route. Tell your AT at which point you want them to take out the armed vehicle(s)

Get your infantry, especially your ARs and marksmen, to target the escape vehicle's tires. It is important they do not target engine blocks as one of the most common reasons for failing this mission is destroying an escape vehicle and killing the target officer in the ensuing explosion. The aim is to disable, not destroy the escape vehicles. the best way to do this critically damage the tires.

Once you have your team ready to engage, give the order to open fire. The armed vehicle(s) will be destroyed at the same time the escape vehciles are being disabled. Continue to engage the Enemy Infantry protecting the target officer. The target may try to escape on foot, but they will almost always try to move towards the current main AO so it's easy to position one or two men to cut off his escape.

If the Target Officer is trying to escape, one round from a 9mm or .45 (or 5.56 if that's the smallest caliber you have on hand) in his leg will cause him to start limping and make him very easy to catch and capture. Quite often he will just stay with the disabled escape vehicles though. It's important someone keeps an eye on him once the shooting starts. When you are close to capturing the officer have a pilot come to you and stand by to extract the target.

Once you have dealt with the EI protecting the officer, move in and capture him and extract him immeditely by air to GITMO. Don't worry about getting your troops out right away, make the extraction of your prisoner the priority. If you can get everyone on the chopper at this time that's fine but don't worry if you can't.

As you can see in my video, things didn't go exactly to plan but we still managed to complete the mission. Some of the friendlies moved a little to close to early, and someone said that somebody fired at the enemy infantry before we were ready to engage, which started the EI looking for us. You can see during the video just how close the enemy can get to you while you are prone without spotting you, so if nobody fires you can get close enough to execute a perfect surprise attack.

The hardest part of this mission is getting every in your squad (or squads) to understand the plan before you reach the mission area. I find it's helpful to use repetition and brief everyone a few times on what the plan is. As long as everyone sticks to the plan this is actually a really easy side mission to complete successfully. Hope this helps other players to complete it in future.

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